La Petite Plagiste is a young brand of jewelry and fashion accessories created on Reunion Island and now in Bordeaux.

This is high-end costume jewelry, highlighting the choice of quality materials such as 18k gold plating, 925 silver, semi-precious stones and black pearls.

The design and creations are made in our Bordeaux workshop, each model is unique and comes from our technical drawings.

Our plating is carried out in a Parisian workshop.

We will collect our stones ourselves in India (Chalcedony, Onyx…), Sri Lanka (Sapphire, Tourmaline…), Mexico (Turquoise).

The designer uses fine stones from destinations all over the world: lapis lazuli, turquoise, onyx, mother of pearl ...

A city style, modern with a touch of sun for an urban and tropical look.


Bordelaise by adoption, having spent a lot of time in Tahiti, Brazil and Bali, every free moment is for her a quest for sunshine and exoticism.

The high fantasy jewels of the Petite Plagiste speak of sunny beaches and warm sand, the first source of inspiration for the designer.

Each of them carries a little the nomadic and bohemian spirit that characterizes this traveler at heart.

Trained in a completely different field, she made a turn in her career by starting to create costume jewelry herself, in connection with her travel memories.

Its concept: a stone for each destination, a creation for each stone ... the Petite Plagiste was born.

His inspirations: Always keep Paris in your heart, but your feet in the sand ...

Its motto, faithful to the inspirations of May 68: “Sous les pavés la plage”.


A few simple steps and precautions will allow you to preserve the beauty and shine of your jewelry!

We recommend that you avoid friction and contact with seawater or chlorinated water or any other oxidizing product which could alter the quality of your jewelry.

Thus, it is advisable to avoid wearing your jewelry when you bathe or practice a sports activity.

When you are not wearing them, it is advisable to store them away from light and moisture.













  • La Petite Brindille: 98 bis avenue de Bourbon, Residence TropiClub, 97434 L'Ermitage-les Bas (+262 262 39 82 96).
  • Sezaly: 85 bis Avenue du Général De Gaulle, 97434 Saint-Gilles-les Bains (+262 262 49 09 87).
  • Divine Yoga Fitness Boutique: 101 avenue de Bourbon, 97434 L'Ermitage-les Bains (+262 262 96 00 14).
  • Crystale Boutique: 77 rue Juliette Dodu, 97400 Saint Denis (+262 692 66 17 50).


  • Mod Fashion Week 29: Residence Port Caraïbes 97118 Saint François Marina





  • Archibald and Zoé 26 rue du Parlement St Pierre 33000 Bordeaux
  • Violette et moi 30 avenue de la plage 85360 La Tranche sur Mer
  • Pampa: 11 rue Georges Clémenceau 85600 Montaigu
  • Pampa concept store: 14, rue des halles, 44190 Clisson (+33 6 85 43 88 22).
  • La Sardine 5 rue Sully 17410 Saint Martinde Ré






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